The Worst Kind of Monster

Russell Williams embodies a woman’s worst fear. No one has been able to present any evidence that Williams was “off” or weird or anything but what he appeared to be; a successful, happily married man. 

That fact gives me shivers every time I think about it because that means anyone could be leading a double life and doing it so well that it’s virtually undetectable.

The previously respected Colonel can be seen in old photos with the Defence Minister, shaking hands and talking seriously about the plight of our military men and women. We now know every gruesome detail about how he tortured and murdered two women, the sick photos he took of them and the pleas he ignored.  He raped others and stole the underwear of dozens more, wearing those garments in twisted, self-taken photos before arranging the bras and panties with perfect precision.  Williams does admit to a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but so does Howie Mandel and that doesn’t make him a serial rapist and killer.

When he was interrogated and finally confessed Williams didn’t try to make excuses for a bad childhood or excess stress or anything.  He just said that he was embarrassed and worried about the impact his behavior would have on his wife.  He is a sicko who’s smart and cunning enough to hide his defects from the world.  It’s scary beyond belief.  The tapes of his confession are being presented as evidence in Williams’ sentencing hearing.  He pleaded guilty but the motions must still be gone through before he’s given the maximum under law – life with no chance of parole for 25 years.

We women want to know the details of what Jessica Lloyd and Cpl. Marie-France Comeau went through because we want to learn from them.  We hope to unearth some reasons why they were victimized in an effort to keep ourselves safe. It’s too frightening to believe it’s totally random.  My own greatest fear is being held against my will and to be forced to do….whatever… in a futile bid to save my life.  Jessica and Marie will stay with me and many other people.   The hideous unfairness of their shortened lives, the horrific things they endured and their unheard pleas to be spared by a heartless bastard – they won’t be forgotten.