Yummy, Healthy Cookies

Last week a rep from Leclerc Cookies of Quebec dropped by the radio stations and left a huge box of little bags of their “healthy” Praeventia cookies to be distributed among staff.  The term “healthy cookie” strikes me as an oxymoron, like “effective council” or “fun meeting”. 

So I grabbed a couple of bags and went on with my show.  Later that day when I felt a little peckish, I took a closer look at the bag.   This is what the packaging looks like.

They are DELICIOUS!  They’re little heart-shaped biscuits that taste of dark chocolate (my fave!) and love.  And just listen to their boasts:  each packet contains 4 grams of dietary fibre, antioxidants from 70% cocoa and red wine extracts, no trans-fats and just 1% saturated fat at 150 calories total.  There’s a second flavour which I haven’t tried; zest of orange and green tea extract. 

When you want a snack and there’s nothing but junk at hand, a little pouch of these cookies would be a much better option.  I saw a TV commercial for them for the first time the other night.  They’re invading the market and coming to a cookie shelf near you.