An Anti-Bullying Rant That (Sadly) Still Holds Up

Rick Mercer has joined an anti-bullying campaign called It Gets Better.  It’s aimed at gay kids who are being – let’s call it what it is – tortured at school because they’re different.   Some celebrities were inspired to start speaking out after the suicides of gay teens who were bullied. 

The campaign already has Ellen Degeneres, Barack Obama and other high-profile people on board and Mercer is just one of the Canadians who has joined up to release videos aimed at young people.  But he’s an important one.  Mercer’s not one to jump on a float in the Gay Pride Parade.  He’s a thoughtful, intelligent man whose sexuality has been quietly acknowledged but doesn’t overshadow his considerable talent.   In other words, people might actually listen to him.   Check out this rant from his TV show that originally aired a few years ago but still applies today. 

1 thought on “An Anti-Bullying Rant That (Sadly) Still Holds Up”

  1. I’ve watched quite a few of these, and may I just say, Rick Mercer’s is the best of the bunch! Under political views on my FB page, it says “Rick Mercer for Prime Minister”… and I’m serious!

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