Calling It as I See It

Charlie Sheen is at it again.  He’s blowing through the mega-millions he makes for Two and A Half Men by spending it on escorts and cocaine in his ongoing share-the-wealth program. 

In his latest adventure, he was in New York City with ex-wife Denise Richards and their two children and he brought one of his lady friends to dinner.  Afterward there was some hotel room trashing, 911 calling and hospital staying for Sheen. Now the “porn star” is crying foul that she never got paid the $12 grand she was promised for being with Charlie.  So why does the media continue to call her a porn star? She’s a prostitute! A porn star takes money for having sex on film. The transaction in question was to take place in a hotel room with no camera crew present. I rest my case!

Shape Magazine responded to an outcry from readers about its cover with LeAnn Rimes saying, in part, “we did not intend to showcase a home wrecker.”  What about every other magazine in the world and Angelina Jolie?  How about not hiring Kelsey Grammer for 30 Rock since he took up with a 29 year old aspiring actress behind the back of his wife and their toddlers?  Could we have a little continuity here, people?  Not all homewreckers are on equal footing, I suppose, but I’d like to see the criteria for deciding which is which.

What is the deal with Randy and Evi Quaid?  The actor and his kooky wife sought refugee status in Canada, apparently unaware that she is, in fact, a Canadian citizen.   They claim there’s a Hollywood hit team that has taken out Heath Ledger and Chris Penn and caused big trouble for Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and others. He says they’ve depleted him of his millions and prevented him from getting work.  Quaid claims he has work offers here in Canada.  Oh joy, let’s keep him and his paranoid wife and give them health care, stat.