The Wrath of Peggys Cove

The small Nova Scotia fishing village of Peggys Cove (no apostrophe) has been a tourist attraction for decades but its popularity exploded with the demise of Swissair Flight 111 in 1998.  The iconic lighthouse, the charming and rather huge gift shop and the jagged rocks on the shore are must-sees for Halifax visitors who have a couple of hours to drive southwest to St. Margarets Bay.

We were last there just after the 10th anniversary of the Swissair disaster.  The monument was still littered with flowers and teddy bears.  It all looks so huge on television but it’s just a modest area designed for quiet reflection.  The village has about 50 permanent residents. The iconic and legendary part of the cove has always been the lighthouse.  There has been one in place since the mid-1800’s but the current one was built in 1914.

A man was swept off the rocks on the weekend.  The waves come crashing up over the edges and although it looks beautiful it’s obviously dangerous. The rocks near the lighthouse are smooth but they’re jagged and uneven near the shore.  One of the best qualities about that area is that its not roped off and there’s no one to tell you not to go here or there.  You have to use your judgment.  I wasn’t thinking the morning this photo was taken and I wore shoes with high heels so I stayed away from the edges, just in case.  Its raw beauty is what draws everyone to it.  There have been several rescues over the years after tourists were swept into the Bay. Although the search for the missing 27 year old continues it appears he wasn’t so lucky.

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