Decor Delight

Recently I’ve discovered two online sources that feed my constant craving for new and fresh decor ideas.  In one, the photos are rich and beautiful.  The rooms are lush and gorgeous. 

In the other there are practical and pretty ideas for making and buying some within-reach and out-of-reach items.  Out of reach is okay, because it’s like looking at a beautiful car you could never afford.  You still get a charge out of its luxury even if you can’t drive it.

The online magazine with the impossibly pretty photos is called Lonny.  (  Plug in your email address to subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox, for free, when a new issue is uploaded.

The daily newsletter is called Design Sponge.  It’s an award-winning blog about design ideas and designers.  It’s wonderful and I’ve already made one of the creations featured in it.  Behold my own treat server made from two dollar-store melamine plates and an ignored wineglass. 

(   You can sign up to have the newsletter sent to you every morning. It will come with the sender name FeedBlitz, which is its host. I save it for a time when I can spend some time with it.  This is not just for skimming and deleting!

Maybe your days are like mine, there aren’t a lot of hours in it to savour whatever it is that floats your boat but I try to make some time in the week to indulge myself with this stuff because it makes me smile.