An Update on Comments

On Tuesday I deleted more than 75 spam comments here. That’s a new record by a long shot!

The spam is coming in via old blog entries and although you never have to see it, it was a time consuming, pain in the mouse to delete.  So I had an idea.  What if I went through old blog entries and disallowed comments?  So I have been pecking away at that and on Wednesday I got only 3 spams.  That’s a pretty good result, wouldn’t you say?

What does this mean to you? It means that comments on my blogs will be open for between 2 weeks and a month and then they’ll be closed.  So if you want to say something, and I hope you do, please do it in a timely manner or the opportunity will expire. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “An Update on Comments”

  1. A very sound technical and frustration lowering decision and common among the majority of blogs.

    … and no, i won’t say it.

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