Losing a Grip

We don’t do Boxing Day shopping.  There isn’t a deal that’s good enough to get me out into a retail melee on this day.  Besides, I’d rather randt….  

A homeowner in Montreal is upset because Canada Post has asked her to remove garlands from the handrails going up her front steps.  It’s so convenient to blame the big corporation for being Grinch-like but let’s look at it logically, shall we?  It’s winter.  Walks and steps get slippery.  Handrails were invented to give a stair climber something to grip and if they’re covered in prickly greenery and slippery shinery they’re not providing much support.

This is the woman who is clinging to her garland until the new year.  The handrail in question is in the background. It would be like grabbing a tree branch, prickly needles and all.

Yeah, lady they’re your handrails and it’s your house but boy oh boy wouldn’t it be nice to prevent a potential hazard for a fellow human being rather than run the risk of them going ass over teakettle onto the concrete?  She has told Canada Post to hang onto her mail until the new year because she’s not taking the garlands down. Selfishness is a bane of our society and hiding behind Christmas doesn’t work as an excuse for it. She’s being awfully unreasonable in my view and I think it’s more than just the fake-fir garland that’s too tightly wound!