Agony of The Feet

We were watching football on Sunday and there was a clip of a coach at a news conference.  “Is that the foot guy?” I asked.  “Yes” said Derek with a chuckle.  “That’s the foot guy.”  New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is being completely humiliated over an issue that is none of our business and now people like me are calling him “the foot guy”. Someone got a hold of some videos Ryan made with his wife and released them to the media.  In the short segments Ryan is operating the camera while the couple engages in some role-playing, pretending they are strangers.  The “story” focuses on Ryan’s apparent attraction to feet.  These videos have become widely available and viewed and have forced Ryan to make a statement (“this is a personal matter”) and to speak to his players about the potential for distraction over this issue.

There is no crime here.  There are fetishes of all stripes and types and sex experts don’t even consider them to be weird.  He is with his own wife who is obviously involved of her own free will. So where’s the story?

There isn’t one.  It’s simply a matter of some fool in a newsroom deciding that because football is so popular and lucrative, a peek into the bedroom of one of its major forces is worth publicizing.   Well it isn’t.  In fact, I only describe what has gone on in the videos to prove that nothing criminal took place. It’s a man who loves his wife, indulging in a little play-acting.  I’m not a foot person, myself, but to each their own.  Whomever spread the videos to the media is the one who ought to be ashamed.  It’s a whole lot of nothing involving the private goings-on of a married couple.  I pledge to memorize his name so I never again refer to him as “the foot guy”.  I hope everyone just lets them move on.

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