RIP Mark Dailey

By all accounts, Mark Dailey was a class act; a true pro who had a wicked sense of humour, a respectable work ethic and terrific instincts for news.  The CITY-TV news anchor and voice lost his second battle with cancer yesterday at the age of 57. 

He had already fought prostate cancer six years ago but this time it was his kidneys and then his lungs.  Our whole industry was aware that he was ill and in a fight for his life.  Damn.  57.  And such an amazing talent.  One of the good guys.

I only met Mark in passing a couple of times over the years.  Everyone seems to become a saint when they die but no one ever had a bad thing to say about Mark. His career as a journalist was well known but he really hit his zenith as the voice-over guy on CITY-TV.  He made potentially bland voice-overs come to life with sly ad-libs that were sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.  Self-deprecating, dark humour was his speciality.  Here’s a truly tiny sample of Mark’s work.  I’m sure you know his voice.  He’ll be missed and remembered.  Everywhere.