Snowpocalypse Now!

Officially, it’s called Snowmageddon but I’m breaking away from the media pack.  Getting more than three feet of snow in a couple of days brought to mind the blizzard of ’77.  Turns out I wasn’t off base – this onslaught actually broke the snowfall record set back that long ago.  Once again we thank Toro for making its reliable snowblower! 

My driveway clearing hero!

My view as I drove out the driveway on Tuesday morning.

My view down the “sidewalk” as I walked up the road Tuesday afternoon. 

A dishonourable mention to the snow removal team that pushed a driveway-ful of snow across the road and over the path on which I and others were attempting to walk.  That’s not how it’s done, ya mooks.

It’s supposed to continue through today which will be the third snow day in a row for kids – and adults – in the area.  However at this point, 6:30 am, it’s blissfully flake free as meteorologists tell us the storm is centred over our friends in Lucan where they have received a whopping five feet of snow!  City services are shut down, except for snow clearing of course.  Schools, libraries and many business are closed.  Downtown is a ghost town.  But some of us are still keeping the wheels of commerce turning!  Thank goodness (again!) for the Toro, for four-wheel drive and a can-do attitude!