The Next Multi-Million Seller

Simon and Schuster has announced that it’s going to publish a memoir next year that makes it “the chosen publishing house”. 

A spokeman for the pubisher says God is putting out his life story in 2011.  Yup, God.  Creator of the universe, supreme being, what have you.

It’s tough to decide where to begin with this one.  It will undoubtedly draw fire from thumpers of His previous book, The Bible, and that will probably push book sales into the stratosphere.  But it’s kind of ridiculous not to mention impossible.  If I were the God-fearing type I’d want to know whose take on God was being put forth.  I’ve read Conversations with God.  It’s got a lot of intelligent and thought-provoking stuff in it and the God the author claims to have spoken to is a lot more sensible and less formidable than many people choose to believe – but it is fiction!  Good fiction, but fiction nonetheless.  I fear for the blindly faithful once this “memoir” comes out, and for the rest of us if it doesn’t match what they so rigidly believe their God to be.