What the Hell is Wrong with People?

I have to tell you about this older man and woman who come to visit someone in a nearby room.

So here I am, in my supermodel best hospital edition robe, clutched at the back, looking like I’ve ridden to hell and back on an uncooperative camel and these folks stare at me.

They don’t look up and go, oh, there’s a patient, let’s avert our eyes and afford her the shred of dignity that she has left. Nope. They stare. Four beady little eyes watch me shuffle to the can and then shuffle back. 

What the hell is that about?  I want to shuffle straight up to them and just say, Really? 

On the other hand this just proves I’m getting a little bit of my spunk back!

2 thoughts on “What the Hell is Wrong with People?”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    First of all, FEEL BETTER really soon!
    Now, the old girl was looking at you thinking “Magnificent! I used to look that good”. The old fart was thinking “MAGNIFICENT”! 🙂

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