And Now For Something Different

A belated Christmas present from hubby arrived while I was away.

A pair of Twittens!  They’re gloves for the “text generation” and they’re absolutely brilliant.  The thumbs and forefingers on each hand have a fold-down component leaving your important digits free to text on your smartphone while the rest of your hands stay warm.   No more pulling off the gloves just to return a text or take a photo, and then wrestling them back on again. 

Twittens are a made-in-London invention and they’re getting a lot of press.  Great name, useful purpose – what’s not to love?  They just make so much sense for the way we live today.  I hope the creator, Lincoln McCardle, becomes a gazillionaire.  It’s an idea whose time has come.

1 thought on “And Now For Something Different”

  1. A great idea maybe, but just something else to feed into the addictive personalities and tenancies which are very quickly becoming the norm within society. The advantages of electronic communications is, that it provides you with the opportunity to respond at a time when its convenient, not necessarily immediately.

    As I started off, great idea, but not when it comes to providing warmth and you can’t TM when your hands are frozen!

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