A Gizmo That Lives Up to The Hype

They’re on all the time, those ads promoting the latest whatsit that is going to revolutionize your life. Nine times out of ten the thing turns out to be a dud. But I recently purchased one that is as useful and apparently durable as they claim.

It’s the Home Slicer Plus from Home Hardware. It’s a sharp knife and a little cutting board that operates like scissors. It makes quick work of slicing crunchy vegetables, right into the pot or bowl. You could use it on just about anything: cheese, fruit, meat. It comes apart easily for cleaning and has a safety latch. It retails for $19.99.

I can’t remember what the item was but the last time I was entranced by a Home Hardware ad I went to my local dealer several times before finally giving up. The manager told me that they hadn’t anticipated the popularity of the product and it had been back-ordered for months. This time, they apparently realized the power of advertising and stocked up. My store had lots of them and two other shoppers also bought one while I was there.

It’s not easy to change peoples’ routines but this little tool is doing just that. And I’m pleased to report that it’s living up to the claims. How rare is that?