The Hunted

I don’t think that hunting is cool. Yes, some people in some parts of the world, including parts of this country, need to do it to survive. Yes I eat meat and where do I think meat comes from anyway? But hunting for sport isn’t right, in my books.

We just don’t need to hunt to survive. We hunt just to kill other creatures. It’s not a fair fight. And this video of a playful young elk in a huge puddle just embodies the reasons why I believe those critters should be left alone. If we’re overrun with deer and they’re leaping onto roads, causing car crashes that harm people, bring in wildlife experts for the cull. Don’t let them get stalked and shot by a bunch of amateurs who might have a crappy aim. Freeze the meat to serve up at soup kitchens or something and please, no heads on walls.

2 thoughts on “The Hunted”

  1. That’s one side of the argument. If you’ve never hunted or have been brought up into that culture, I know it would be hard to understand or appreciate.
    It is a dying ‘sport’. Many of we older generation hunters have kids that do not want to carry on the tradition. Aging hunters like me find it is more of a chore these days. So, many of us have moved into the sport of shooting …. targets, clay birds etc.
    In case you didn’t know – if we hunt ducks or geese over water, we are not allowed to use lead shot that contaminates the water. It must be steel these days. There are many rules like this to protect environmental interests.
    I hope you are still on the road to complete recovery. Bill

    1. My Dad used to hunt. I always sided with our Golden Retriever who would throw up at the sound of a gunshot! So much for having a hunting dog!! I know it’s got to be done in some cases but I still don’t want to take part! 🙂 I didn’t know that about not using lead shot near water. Thanks for the info!

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