The Power of Punctuation

I tried to inspire myself to comment on the May 2nd election, I really did, but I’ve got nothing. Most of my energy is going to supressing cynicism over another unwanted, expensive campaign. The rest is being spent on discovering diversions like this cover of Tails magazine that’s making the rounds.

Tails is a dog-centric publication and celebrity foodie Rachel Ray is on the cover. Can you spot the punctuation error?

Yes it would appear that Ms. Ray loves cooking her family and her dog! Unfortunately, this isn’t the real cover. That would be very funny indeed. Tails did use commas and the actual cover reads that she loves “cooking, her family, and her dog”. But someone circulated this altered cover widely enough that it has fooled plenty of people. So much so that Tails issued a statement denouncing the fake and promising that Rachel isn’t a cannibal!

They say no press is bad press and in this case that’s probably true. Who knew that there was a publication called Tails and if they did, that it wasn’t a skin mag?

3 thoughts on “The Power of Punctuation”

  1. I’m not a political animal, but I’ll comment on the Federal election we now find our self in the midsts of. Most would agree that this is an unnecessary election, however it is necessary and necessitated based on the fundamental principles of democracy and parliamentary procedure. This election has two separate and distinct platforms from which Canadians can base their decision on who they wish to vote (assuming they vote and most don’t) into power.

    If you Believe in the Conservatives fiscal plan and approach you can once again return them to a minority government, however, if integrity and accountability is important to you, then I suggest you flip a coin for the Liberals aren’t any better. The Conservatives dug the whole, fell into it and the other parties merely covered them over.

    1. Bottom line is, I believe people are sick of governments that don’t or can’t govern. We’ve had 4 elections in 7 years. Democratic process or not, it’s tiresome.

  2. I hole heartily agree. The challenge now becomes, that given that Canadians are so tired of elections and the BS presented by our MP’s, will it result in a sense of complacency or apathy in which they won’t get out and vote which is a far greater danger in that it opens the door to the unexpected.

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