Faces for Video

A former colleague and his business partner have started a terrific website aimed at the broadcasting set.

The brainchild of Bob Magee and Richard Maxwell, Radioviz.com (no www) features videos of movers and shakers in radio who have valuable stories to tell about all aspects of the business. On air, promotions, voice-over work – my pal Erin Davis shares what it was like for her to get fired. It’s raw and real and practical.

A real standout is a bit of reminiscing by Warren Cosford. I don’t have to explain to anyone in radio – at least I shouldn’t – that Warren is a legend. Warren nurtured talent in an era when too many radio managers treated us newbies like parasites. I can still recall one PD who later briefly became a colleague, who was extremely rude to me on the phone for “wasting his time” when I called to find out if he had received my tape and saw any future for me with his station. (I refuse to confirm that his name rhymes with Fat Pardon-all)

But there was Warren, at CHUM Toronto of all places, taking my call, giving me tips on my demo and just being a decent guy, and doing the same for dozens and dozens of others. Being in the CHUM talent bank eventually led me to an audition for the morning show which was beyond exciting. When you watch the video you’ll see that Warren eventually got to learn what it meant to those of us he took the time to help. Radioviz.com is quickly becomeing a valuable go-to source for broadcasters. Tip: Go to the “about us” page…and wait a little while.

4 thoughts on “Faces for Video”

  1. Thank you for not confirming the name… I chuckled. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking out the video this weekend! I’m not sure if I’m alone in my position, but even though I’ve been doing this for 18 years, I still feel like a n00b in the biz.

    1. I think everyone has a measure of insecurity about any performance-based occupation, don’t you?
      I sure don’t think I know it all and I don’t think I ever will! 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa

    Richard Maxwell was kind enough to pass along your note about me. You were very kind. I’ve watched your career over the years and have been pleased that you’ve done so well.

    At the time we first talked, I was trying to convince programmers to develop morning shows around women much as Grant Tinker had built The Mary Tyler-Moore Show.

    In 1989, you were on a “short list” of women I thought of calling as we were developing a morning show for CJBK London. Because I was from out of town….I’d just returned to Canada from New York… Steve Garrison convinced me that we should first talk to someone “in town” who he thought was a “real talent” even though she was stuck in the middle of 40 minutes of non-stop rock at FM 96…….

    ….and that’s how Heather Hiscox got her first morning gig leading The Steve and Heather Show.

    Timing is Everything LOL.


    1. Holy smokes. I never knew that! For anyone who’s not aware, Heather is now host of CBC-TV’s News Morning. She’s a wonderful woman and an excellent broadcaster. (Damn you Steve Garrison!)

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