A Whole New World

I’m looking for the positive spin-offs of the election results.

As my friends at Fresh-FM pointed out, Harper, Layton and May are all easy to spell!

We won’t have to go to the federal polls for four years, guaranteed. Michael Ignatieff told my colleague Jeff McArthur that he made a mistake in letting the Conservatives define him. Did he ever! If he goes back to the US to teach again, he will do even more lasting damage to the sad and lowly Liberal Party.

I’m willing to wait and see what Harper does with his majority and having the NDP as watchdogs sits well with me. With the first Green Party seat, Elizabeth May now has ammunition to be invited to the next round of leaders’ debates.

In my riding here in London, Conservative Ed Holder won his seat but if the Liberal and NDP voters had gotten together, they would have defeated him in a landslide. Ed seems like a nice guy with good intentions who used a terrible photograph for his campaign literature. It makes him look like a giant, floating head.

I’m not saying it hurt his campaign, I’m just offering some constructive criticism and a suggestion that he invest in Photo Shop.

The people have spoken and in my experience, they will refuse to shut up for the next four years. And really, when you look at what goes on around the world, aren’t we just the luckiest bunch of bitchers and moaners? At least we get to choose who to complain about.

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  1. The votes have been cast, the numbers counted and we now know the look of our new federal government. And yet, the nagging question which continues to haunt me and the true reason for this election, was the lack of integrity and ethics demonstrated by the Conservatives. As a minority government, their ethics and integrity were questionable, now as a majority government I highly expect the disregard for parliamentary procedure will only continue and get worse and become an underlying theme for the next four years.

    … but then, 40% of Canadian voters don’t seem to mind.

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