When the School Bully Becomes a Success

I finally figured it out. Donald Trump is just a grown-up schoolyard bully.

He’s the guy who picks on someone who has a disability, and not when he was a kid, but now. I’ve never liked the man although I’ll admit to following Celebrity Apprentice on which he is the weakest link. His skin has turned orange. (It’s the make-up, I’m guessing.) He’s a tangerine with a combover. And he’s a lousy businessman. Who bankrupts a casino? Donald Trump, in 1991 with the Taj Mahal followed by personal bankruptcy the following year and another for Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts in 2004. And he wants to run the finances of debt-rich US of A?

Trump was roasted in grand style last weekend during the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, first by President Obama and then by emcee Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live. I would post the video but it’s in two 20-minute segments and as entertaining as it is, its length taxes the patience. It’s on you tube if you want to find it. Meyers, SNL’s news anchor and head writer, took shots all around but save some of the best and most biting for Trump, his silly hair (which Meyers said was a live fox that would finish peoples’ dinner for them if needed) and Trump’s attacks on Obama’s citizenship. Cameras zeroed in on a stone-faced Trump while everyone – everyone! – around him laughed heartily.

How did Trump react? On Fox & Friends the next morning he complained about being the target of the insults and called Meyers a “stutterer”. That’s all he had. The US Stutterers Association came out swinging and let Trump have it. In a year when The King’s Speech, about a stuttering Monarch, became a critic and fan favourite, surely Trump could have come up with something tangible and less insulting? No he couldn’t because he has no wit and he is a bully and that’s what bullies do. They pick on things that people can’t help, unlike, say, a bad makeup job and a silly hairstyle. I don’t even recall hearing Meyers stutter during his monologue.

Now Trump has set his sights on Bill Cosby. The Cos says Trump should just declare himself a Presidential candidate already or stop criticizing President Obama. How does Trump respond? By describing Cosby as “blabbering somewhat incoherently”. Cosby is 73. Part of his persona has been his mildly marble-mouthed way of speaking. But again instead of taking on the issue, Trump deflects by bullying.

So many people seem to be in such awe of Trump and they revere him to the point of almost being afraid of him. What the heck for? This is the same guy who took his mistress on a family ski trip, put her in a nearby chalet where she got fed up with hiding and came out to find herself in a now-famous hilltop cat-fight with his then-wife. With the children there. Remarkably, the children – Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric – seem to have turned out alright, if their behavior on Celebrity Apprentice is anything to go on. Maybe they don’t bully in reaction to seeing how their father behaves. I hope it embarrasses them and that the kids tell him so during their next family get together. And when he falls asleep on the 24 karat gold trimmed chaise lounge after the fox has its fill of dinner, please, somebody, cut off that stupid hair!

5 thoughts on “When the School Bully Becomes a Success”

  1. Watching Obama give it back to Trump at the correspondents’ dinner was one of the highlights of my year. He had him for lunch…it was beautiful. I cannot stand Donald Trump and regret staying at one of his hotels. I won’t make that mistake again.

  2. I feel the same way about a person I work with, who shall remain nameless. But he goes out of his way to make fun of co-workers behind their backs, and use derogatory comments to make himself look or feel better.

    He can hide it though, because a) he claims the the statements to be a joke, and b) he usually doesn’t have the nerve to say these things directly to the person he’s insulting.

    1. Ohhhhhhhh that burns me and reminds me of a guy I worked with who would insult me on the air – always about being a female – and then claim he was being “ironic”. And another guy who was just outright mean and bullying. If I had to share a studio with him now I would be a lot better at standing up to him. I refuse to say whether his name rhymes with Beal Fedlee!

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