You’ve Got to Have Friends

I’m a freakish fan of the show Friends.

Many people know this about me. I saw every episode the week it aired except one and I was lucky enough to catch that one a couple of weeks later. Keep in mind the show ran for a decade. This is no small accomplishment, or waste of time, depending on where you sit! I know all of the plot lines, guest stars, and details about the show that would not stick with the casual viewer. This is not bragging. These bits of information take up brain space where I should be able to store things like which teams are in the Stanley Cup finals.

When the Friends trivia game came out I was so certain that there would be a rush on the few copies alloted each Toys R Us that I jettisoned myself out of the Rogers building and made a beeline for the nearest store. My imagined line-up didn’t materialize and to this day they might still have a dozen dusty copies of the tin box taking up shelf space for all I know.

I had the game but no one would play it with me! They knew they faced certain defeat. So imagine my surprise when my fan-dom came up in conversation with my colleague Lianne Young (Middays, 1031 Fresh FM) last week and she admitted to possibly being a bigger freakish Friends fan than I am. I may have the board game but she has every season of the show on DVD and I only own the final episode. Touche!

Finally, a worthy opponent. Fellow motorcycle riders and sisters, Annette and Monica, have come out of the shadows and declared themselves to be freakish Friends fans too so there will be a no-holds-barred trivia contest held sometime this summer. Finally! I knew there had to be more of my kind! It’s like feeling all along that you were from another planet and the mother ship finally coming back to get you.