Be A Cool Cat, Stan

Stanley was the only cat I ever really loved. 

And now there’s a second Stan, a much more famous one, who I hope takes after my friendly feline.   Prime Minister Harper and his family took to Facebook to choose a name for their adopted little tabby and the name Stan won paws down.  Smokie was a distant second.  This is the Harpers’ Stan:

And this is the cooler than cool, smart as a whip, don’t mess with his food bowl, Stan the first, all sleepy and cozy.

Stan is no longer with us but he had a great, long life and he was as loved as any cat ever was.  I hope the Harpers have as much luck with their Stan as we had with ours.

1 thought on “Be A Cool Cat, Stan”

  1. I second the fact that your kitty was a cool one. I met him when you also had Lee Roy & Sammy in your life, not to mention your bunnies! Stan managed to steal attention in a household where the dogs & rabbits needed much more looking after. 🙂

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