The Return of the Sinkhole!

Oooooh to be on air now!

The big story in our city is happening right under the window of Free-FM.  Well, under the window and just a few steps north, where a 22-foot deep sinkhole has opened up and strangled the Richmond and Oxford area.  Richmond is closed from our building to Oxford and east-west traffic is down to one lane each way on Oxford.  The Free Press photo shows the depth of the problem:

A previous crater that opened up on Dundas street 4 years ago was even bigger and made national headlines.  That one was right outside the Corus studios at Dundas and Wellington and it took about 5 weeks to fix. This time, city crews say they’ll need a couple of days to get the busy intersection back to normal.  They also say they do tests to detect them before they happen but somehow this one wasn’t anticipated.  Yikes!  The folks at Astral on Wellington S. should proceed with caution because these craters seem to open up near radio stations!