Surf for an Organ

Finally.  This province is launching an online organ donor registry. 

During my health ordeal this past winter, there was a 12-24 hour span when it was possible that I needed a new liver.  It was a deeply sobering thought: my organ was failing and a donor liver was at least 3-and-a-half years away, at best.  The brain scrambles for a solution even though you know in your heart that there isn’t one.  The finality of it will stop you in your tracks, believe me.

It has taken five years from lip service to reality but a provincial online registry is finally coming with an official announcement today.  It will make it easier for Ontarians to give consent for donations.  So many healthy organs are buried or burned while people die waiting for a transplant.  Sometimes patients simply run out the clock and by the time the organ comes available, they’re not healthy enough to survive the surgery.  It’s a tragic and needless situation.  It takes a bit of effort, a dose of selflessness and a heaping helping of caring for ones’ neighbours to sign up.  It’s the ultimate in recycling!

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