Working Woman

My days of leisure have come to an end! 

Taking into account the 12 weeks I was recovering from sepsis/liver failure and the two-and-a-half weeks that I was on the beach, waiting out my notice at my last job, I’ve been off work longer that I’ve actually worked this year; 3 1/2 months versus 2 1/2 months!  But don’t envy me.  The recovery time was no picnic.  Although I have to admit the last couple of weeks were a little like a picnic.  I had fun.

And now a new chapter begins.  I’m starting at 98.1 Free-FM today doing…well, I’m not quite sure, because the radio station hasn’t signed on the air yet.  Most music stations spend a couple of months just playing songs back to back so listeners can sample the fare before the live bodies take part.  But give Free-FM’s owner Blackburn credit for optimism and bravery!  We’ll be going full tilt when we go and I’ll be anchoring morning news.  Last week we heard that it could be another five weeks so there’s no firm launch date yet, as far as I know.  But what do I know?  I haven’t even started with them yet.  So off I go, a daytime worker for the time being.  Watch this space and this space: for updates.