So Long, Sherwood

The man who was responsible for a lot of my (and millions of others’) childhood entertainment died yesterday. TV producer Sherwood Schwarz was 94. He created The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island and wrote their theme songs. Both of those shows were TV staples when I was a kid, goofy, corny and full of that horrible canned laughter. But we loved them! He also created their goofy predecessor, My Favorite Martian. When I interviewed Greg Brady (actor Barry Williams) he spoke fondly of Mr. Schwartz, the man who essentially gave him a career.

Actor Barry Williams and me in the early 1990's

Yeah, the hair, I know. It was MIX 99.9 Toronto, early 1990’s. What can I say?

Sherwood Schwartz started in radio and moved to television and movies. Thanks for the laughs, Mr. S. Now let’s enjoy his famous little ditty. The season two opener was much perkier than the one from season one!

2 thoughts on “So Long, Sherwood”

  1. I remember each of those shows fondly as though it was only yesterday, not 4 decades ago.

  2. As someone so eloquently tweeted yesterday, “instead of a eulogy they should just sing his backstory.” He was brilliant – told the whole premise of the show in a little tune off the top and away you went! Kinda miss story theme songs. Last good one was Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

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