The farewell to the farm was a great time! Oh it was hot.  Sooooo very hot.  Even under the cover of a huge canvas tent, it was stinking, sweating, sweltering, soak-your-backfat kind of hot.     

Some important relatives were missing from the mix but all but one of the “kids” who belong to that swatch of land were there.  The missing one had a good excuse and gave plenty of notice, so she gets a pass.  Now, a ton of pictures of people you don’t know, who I call family.

50-something woman on the grass, wearing a blue sundress
Norma "Stormy" Szabo
smiling Derek with a backwards ball cap on his head
Derek "Rock" Botten

short-haired woman in her 50's with blue glasses and a pink sleeveless top
50-ish woman in a purple tank top holding an orange freezie
Barbara-Anne Szabo
two men considering th contents of a cooler, in front of a tent
Brother Kevin and Cousin John Korkoza
40-something man chatting happily, sunglasses on his head
Paul Szabo
50-ish man looking like he's in a deep conversation, wearing a blue shirt
Mark Szabo
men sitting around a campfire
Chester, John, Kevin, Derek, Mark, Paul
Derek pretending to pose girlishly and Kevin laughing at him
Kevin and Derek
older woman dressed in red dress, red boas with a huge blue bow on her red hat
Carol the kooky gift lady who gave everyone presents
Mike tying on a purple skeleton mask
Those deemed "ugly" were given masks to wear! Poor ugly cousin Mike!
70ish woman in pink T-shirt, man in plaid shirt holding a water bottle
Helen and Jack, my Mom and Dad
Man posing with a tablecloth tied across his chest
Chris "toga" Szabo
Styrofoam cooler that looks like a rock with Bedrock Cooling Inc written in marker
The bedrock of beverages
Kevin and unidentified family friend discuss riding beside Kevin's BMW motorcycle
"The Pig" - Kevin's BMW that took him to the tip of South America last year
small blond dog happily eating corn on the co
Who needs opposable thumbs?

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. Thanks for sharing – and next time, get someone to take a pic or two of you!

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