George is Getting Upset!

Remember when Seinfeld’s George Costanza was at the end of his rope and simply couldn’t take one more…of something? I’m there right now!

If I’m ever found on the roof of a downtown building firing randomly at passersby with a BB gun it will because I snapped over the misuse of the apostrophe.

Longtime readers know of my frustration with the misplaced apostrope. Yesterday I received a news release from a group of doctors that read, in part, “Please see the attached release regarding a new technology used by London doctors to teach leading edge surgical techniques to hospital’s across the world via broadcast.”

This is coming from someone with a university degree and going out to all media in the region. Hundreds of people received this email from a supposedly educated person who doesn’t know that the plural of hospital does not require an apostrophe. Using it implies ownership. I can’t take it anymore.

Every time I see someone post a Facebook update about how they love “vacation’s” or can’t wait to see their ‘friend’s” tonight, I consider some serious eye-poking or at least, Facebook blocking. How did this fundamental rule get overlooked by so many people? I used to think it was generational but it’s not. And it has nothing to do with intelligence. There are many smart folks who think the word lots as in “lots of fun” should be written, lot’s. It’s a head scratcher.

But I have to confess that I’m not doing anything to eradicate this blight on the language. I haven’t turned into Geraldine Grammar and I don’t point it out unless I can do it in a personal, non-public and gentle way. I don’t want to become one of those people who points out every mistake. And so I suffer. Even when I have given a sweet heads-up about it, it doesn’t seem to stick, so I suppose it’s something I have to live with. Good thing I don’t own a BB gun.

3 thoughts on “George is Getting Upset!”

  1. Before you climb up on that roof with your BB gun, may I suggest some dog therapy to relieve the apostrophe stress factor.

  2. Stayed at an inn on Sunday in Walters Falls. At least that’s what the road signs said; the inn itself I think says Walter’s Falls. Confusing? Yes. Perhaps the apostrophe was dropped over the falls? The ultimate, however, has to be Princes’ Gates. People think it’s Princess or Prince’s – but it was named for 2 princes. Thus, Princes’ Gates. You and I could be in the anal annals together. And I’m OK with that.

    1. I wonder how Walter felt about you staying at his Falls? I’m okay with that too. Allan, I think it would take a whole pack of dogs to distract me from the apostrophe catastrophe!

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