“Get Ready for Back-to-School!”

“The CNE starts today!”

Sign in front of a London church: “It’s going to snow again some day!”

From a client-read commercial: “This fall’s forecast calls for hot fashions!”

Me: “Shaddup!”

Argh!  Make it stop.

I know that some reporter somewhere is plotting to call Environment Canada and get the outlook for this winter’s weather, just so she/he can be the first to do the story this year.  No matter that it’s been done by everyone, every year since the dawn of Marconi’s best invention. I want to kick that person in the shin while wearing my heaviest snow boot.

Until I put a dent in that reporter’s leg, I’ll be wearing sundresses and cardigans.  Perhaps, when I’m crunching through fallen leaves in my sandals, you’ll be kind enough to take me aside and tell me, “enough already.  Deal with it.”  Until then, it’s endless summertime in my mind.