Athiests and Fat People

Montreal police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for thousands of death threats emailed to people all over who had one thing in common: they questioned the existence of God.

Some peoples’ grip on the handrails of this crazy ride called life is rather loose and anyone who dares to question their belief system is ripe for ridicule and even death. The suspect, who went by the online name Mabus, targeted scientists, public figures – anybody who fell into the category of potential non-believer. And there are millions. I guess Mabus didn’t quite get to the likes of avowed athiests George Clooney, Woody Allen, Ricky Gervais and Dave Barry.

We are supposed to be a tolerant society. Heck even a Pastafarian in Austria was allowed to wear a colander in his license photo as a believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Pastafarian license photo

There’s evidence to show that to most people it doesn’t matter what you believe, but that you believe in something. If you believe in nothing then you’re looked upon with suspicion and that is just crazy talk in my view. Live and let live. We won’t know who’s right until it’s too late to argue about it anyway.

The other group that it’s still okay to pick on is obese people. Being overweight is seen as a lack of self control and possible laziness. Every time a study comes out about why some people can’t lose weight (a hormone, a gene) there’s a chorus of “excuses!!” from the high-metabolism set. We’ve all seen the slovenly Mom with a herd of out-of-control rugrats causing chaos in the chip aisle of the grocery store but she’ s just an easy target. What about the middle aged woman with the Herman cartoon butt who has polycystic ovarian disease? It’s real and it’s a cause. But if a person is fat they’re lumped (pardon the pun) into one big category and that’s not at all fair. 300 pound athiests just don’t stand a chance in this world.

4 thoughts on “Athiests and Fat People”

  1. Having been on Weight Watchers for the last 7 weeks and losing almost 10 lbs, I still say it’s calories in and calories out. I blamed my excess 15 lbs on lots of things. They were all excuses. There may be a few fat people walking around with legitimate medical issues that make them fat, but not the majority. People eat way to much. So I’m disagreeing with you on this one Lisa. I am going to pray for you now. (kidding!!)

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