The Trouble With Free

We’re getting rid of a futon.  Since I have been domiciled with Derek this piece of vintage albeit solid furniture has not been assembled. 

After researching listings for similar items, I listed it on Kijiji for $40 bucks.  The aim isn’t to make a mint, it’s to get rid of the thing.  I received several replies including one from a guy who wanted me to put it together and take a new picture before I delivered it to him.  Then he accused me of being “abrupt” and “upset” when I told him that I would do neither thing!

pine frame futon with blue cover

One very nice man did come to look at it but he hadn’t read the ad properly and realized it was too big for him.  He admired my little-used elliptical-like machine and relieved us of that, instead.  We’ll find another place to hang our jackets.

Frustrated, I deleted the $40 ad and decided I’d list the darn futon for free.  If a person would wrestle it out of the basement, we’d give it to them.  I attempted to join the hip website, Freecycle.  I signed up, chose a user name and password and then prepared to log in.  Denied.  Tried several more times.  Denied, denied, denied.   Requested a new password and used that to log in.  Denied.  However, the website is sending me every single listing in the London area.  My in-box is being clogged with everything from stamp collections to free kittens.  I have contacted the moderator to put a stop to this insanity and if he/she does not, he/she will receive a complaint every single time I receive an unwanted email.  It’s ridiculous.

Back to Kijiji I went, deleted the $40 ad and posted the futon for free.  After about 16 replies I deleted that ad too.  However the first person, to whom I bequeathed the futon, has disappeared.  The second responder is almost jumping up and down in anticipation.  I have kept numbers 3 and 4 on a line, just in case, and sent polite kiss-offs to those who chose to ignore the “absolutely cannot deliver” part of the ad or pledged to take the queen-size pine pieces away in their Smart Car.  Sadly, the manager of a group home was about 8 hours too late but if I can swing it, I would love for him to have the piece.  Maybe I can deter the others with tales of vermin and smoke.  Kidding.

This is why people take usable things to the dump!  It’s a pain in the cheeks to do the right thing and recycle.  I cannot carry it up the basement stairs and I’m not going to force Derek to do it if I don’t have to.  It’s a monolith I want to see on a truck, pulling out of the driveway.  Please, let it be so!

2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Free”

  1. Ugh, I can relate. I went through the same type of ordeal with my guest bed when I moved in with roomates in Halifax. It fit in my car so I ended up taking it myself to a furniture bank. Kijiji people can be such turkeys! 🙂

    1. They really can. But I’m happy to say that the futon went to its new home last night and the people who picked it up are happy! I’ve made at least half a dozen trips to goodwill in the past few weeks but they won’t take mattresses, or they would have been given a futon, too.

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