The Toronto International Film Festival has taken over that city and made the masses a little goofy with star-struck wonderment.

But I need to have a word with Madonna: Mega-millionaire, megalomanic Material Girl, listen up. With your reedy, shaky voice you somehow conquered pop music. Good for you! Yay! But why do you feel you have to become a film maker? Your new movie, W.E., has a fascinating subject, Wallis Simpson. She was the twice-divorced woman for whom Edward VIII abdicated the throne, leading to his brother George VI taking over, as told in the excellent film The King’s Speech. So why put yourself, a rookie, in the big leagues??

There are thousands of budding film makers with actual chops and talent who would give their left (name the appendage) for a shot at a big budget production. But no, in swoops Madonna because she wants to play movie maker. I haven’t seen it, that’s true. But…do I really need to? The only time I ever enjoyed her work on film was in Evita and that’s mostly because it was a fascinating story that played out like a music video featuring Antonio Banderas. What’s not to like? The subject matter of W.E. does interest me but the director doesn’t.

Some might call it ambition. I call it greed. You’ve taken enough pie, Madonna. Time to push away from the table.

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  1. Word is that security made TIFF volunteers turn and face the wall when Madge was making her exit last night, after someone posing as one of them, asked for an autograph. But according to the 1 1/2 stars that W.E. got in today’s Globe & Mail, those volunteers may have seen a more enjoyable show than the folks inside RT Hall.

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