Laughs on the Radio

The radio industry today is worlds away from what it was like when I was starting out.  

This isn’t one of those “things were better back then” rants.  It’s a “some things were better back then” rant.

I had worked at 3 radio stations before I landed at 1410 CKSL here in London.  It was exciting and very competitive.  FM radio wasn’t a big force outside of Toronto yet and all-hit radio was where it was at.  We were at war.  Since those years CKSL has been through many incarnations.  AMs are now getting away from the typical Oldies format and more often than not a venue for news and/or talk. AM980 here in the city is doing a very good job of covering the news and talk angles and CJBK also has its own stamp on talk radio – not to mention it’s owned by the same people who own CKSL. So what to do with an AM station that’s become no more than a jukebox for stale records?   Pardon me while I praise a competitor but I think their solution is brilliant and I can’t wait for it.

Starting January 1, 2012 the station will be known as FUNNY 1410.  All comedy, all the time.  Big names, small names, stand-up non-stop.  For a comedy nut like me, it’s a little bit of heaven.

This format is already on the air in several US markets but 1410 will be Canada’s first.  It’s risky and it’s drawing attention to a radio station that time has largely forgotten.  I love it when people take chances and make bold moves.  You can always say “sorry” later but at least you tried.  While I wouldn’t want them to take even a sliver of Free-FM’s share of the advertising pie, I do hope the station is as good as it sounds, for my own selfish reasons.  Reason 1: I want 1410 CKSL to live.  Some AM stations have been permanently powered-down and it would be terribly sad if that happened here.  Reason 2: I love, love, love comedy and there are only so many comedy CDs in existence.   It will be nice to have a fresh rotation of funny while I drive!

3 thoughts on “Laughs on the Radio”

  1. I see a major stumbling block, being they can only play G-rated comedy. That severely limits the on-air selections. Could they even play a guy like Patton Oswald? Aren’t comedy lovers already served by the various Sirius channels?

    1. Yeah it has its flaws however Sirius isn’t as popular as it once was and it might actually land on someone’s presets where before they never even considered it. It’s a shot in the dark for sure!

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