Month: January 2012

Syntax Crimes and Other Offences

I’m always amused by poor writing, especially in broadcasting.  There’s inexperience, which can be forgiven of course. And then there’s just plain sloppiness.  I get a giggle out of noticing them and always regret not keeping the ones I find.  I foolishly think I will remember them.

Bike Show Blur

The Hamilton World of Motorcycles Expo is in the books.  It goes by so fast.  Now bring on the London show in 2 mere weeks!

I Lied – I’m Back!

The Hamilton Spectator posted this terrific video of our bike show here in Hamilton.  See for yourself what all the fuss is about! 

Off The Grid

I’ll be spending the weekend at the Hamilton World of Motorcycles Expo so things will stay static here for a couple of days.  And today I’m cheating a little by posting a blog I have up on the 981 Free FM website.  The company that’s trying to get many of its workers to take a …

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Chickening Out

Why is it important that the chicken I’m about to eat was allowed to roam freely, attend the school of its choosing and dream of a better life before it was slaughtered, cut up and packaged? 

Always a Student

On Friday, I had the good fortune to speak to a classroom full of first year radio and broadcast journalism students at Fanshawe College.

Finding the Funny

Funny 1410 has been on air since the very end of last year.  If you recall, it’s a new format for a legendary (to me!) frequency here in London, where I worked the all-hit format many moons ago.  

Oh Ricky!

I heart Ricky Gervais! I think he should host everything including SPCA fundraisers and wedding receptions.  

Funny About Money

Free-FM offers a text alert system for a one-time charge of .50.  It’s brand new.  You’ll get a text in case of severe weather or a major breaking story.  We’ll also text the morning’s top two headlines.

In The T-Zone

I’ve made a conscious effort to be less cynical.  Unlike a skeptic who can be convinced by evidence, a cynic closes themselves off from a lot of experiences in life and I realized I had become one.  So when I decided to move to London it seemed like a good time to try a new …

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The Week in Review

It started with 4 suspicious fires on the weekend all targeting adult-oriented businesses.

The Nose Knows

For years now I’ve been told I have mild sleep apnea.  Next week I’ll get the results of my third sleep study at which, I am predicting, they will suggest that I get a C-PAP machine.  That’s the Darth Vader mask that’s attached to a machine with a water reservoir and a steady stream of …

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