Month: February 2012

Unanswerable Questions Part 348

Why do the people who are the most vocal about what’s wrong with the broadcasting industry no longer work (or never have worked) in it?  

Going Out With a Whimper

I’ll admit it, I used to love Zellers in the GTA.  They were updated and clean and had great deals on everyday stuff like cleaning products.  A couple of them even had restaurants that served cheap weekend breakfasts with a smile.  

In the Bad Books

Or perhaps I should say, purchasing from the bad books section?  

A Night at the Theatre

I love movies, I really do, but a live theatre (pronounced thea-tuh) crowd as a whole is just a step up.  It must be because the tickets cost so much more.  

Once a Comic Genius….

…always one.  Mike Myers always has been hilarious.  As we await the Oscars, this video pokes fun at Hollywood, honours it and makes you laugh out loud all at the same time.  Whether you take Sunday’s upcoming spectacle seriously or think it’s all a load of over-hyped hooey, this is for you. Enjoy!

A Partial Review

Some might say it really isn’t fair to slag someone’s memoir before I’m even done reading the whole thing but – holy Hannah – I’m three chapters in and I’m already tempted to skip several pages at a time!  

Review: The Double

Our friend Eddie is a man of truly rare talents.  He’s an incredible mimic and voice artist and you won’t find a funnier guy on the planet.  

Parroting the Police

At the bottom of virtually every media release from police there is a paragraph where they act like the teacher who makes the whole class stay after school because one kid was chewing gum.  

Myth Buster

(Please note: If the font today seems very small, it is an issue with WordPress and I’m aware of it!) Ever since talks between Electro-Motive and its unionized workers broke down at the end of last year there has been a lot of buzz about how the federal government really ought to do something.

Kitty Sitter

I’ve wanted to do some sort of volunteer work for a while now and yesterday I began at the London Humane Society as a cat socializer – I jokingly call my position “kitty wrangler”.  

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Although I purchased some current books for my Kobo ereader, it also came with a selection of free classics to download.  I’m currently reading one I’ve always meant to get around to: Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

And How Was Your Weekend?

I don’t think I need to explain much further except to say that it was me and me alone and a very slippery Springbank Drive at 8 am Saturday.  I’m just grateful that no one else was involved and that the only casualty was my Xtrail.  And I don’t blame the road.  I was obviously …

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Whitney Houston RIP

That awful, screechy I Will Always Love You aside, there was a time when Whitney Houston was the best (known) singer in the world.  As for I Will Always Love You I’ve always preferred the writer, Dolly Parton’s version.  But I digress. 

Deja Vroom

Here we go – the London World of Motorcycles Expo is on this weekend.   Today is move-in day where a 110,000 square feet are measured off and occupied by pros, newbies, motorcycles, trailers, pop-up tents and racks of leather. 


It appears that instead of posting this morning’s blog at around 5 am, I deleted it.  It was a good one too!  My apologies.   I’ll be back tomorrow with something (hopefully) worth your time.