Month: May 2012

On The Road Again

The Grand Canyon.  Sedona. The desert.   It’s supposed to be some of the most beautiful riding in all of the United States.  I’ll let you know after I’ve seen it and that will be early next month. Ciao until then!

Faith Hill Isn’t Pretty Enough

It makes me very happy that the one conspiracy theory I completely subscribe to is being brought to light little by little.   Someone in the magazine world is exposing the ridiculous measures they go to, to “perfect” already beautiful women.  You don’t think Faith Hill needs touching up?  Well neither do I!  

Fire Bug

This blog post is a two-fer. It’s also posted on 98.1 Free-FM’s website.  But it felt so good to confess that I thought confessing a second time might feel even better!  In case you’re not aware, the St. Thomas Walmart caught fire last Sunday.  And now you’re up to date.

Liver Long and Prosper

There is documented proof on this website that I’m not a fan of comic Mike MacDonald. Years ago, I sat stone-faced through his gala set at the Just For Laughs Festival gala in Montreal.  He was never funny to me.  But he has been dubbed Canada’s funniest comic by the adoring press and has thousands …

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Performance Anxiety

Do you ever have this happen to you?  You’re the centre of attention for some reason and that’s when the dork gods decide to put their hex on you and make you do something embarrassing?    

It’s a Geek’s Geek’s Geek’s World

As we touched down in Mexico recently and powered-up our smart phones, a few of us got automatic text messages warning us that we were roaming and would be charged.  It read: “Text this number now to order an international roaming package and avoid expensive charges!”  

Hot Stuff

Donna Summer kept her lung cancer a secret and that’s why it was such a jolt to find out the queen of 1970’s disco was dead at 63.

Money Can’t Buy You Everything!

It might seem that an internationally famous actor like Michael Caine would be above the little faux pas of life.  Not so.  In fact, had the nearly-80-year-old actor’s health not been as good as it is, he might have died from simply being forgotten! Here is the story from the New York Post.  

Toes are Out and About

Some people don’t like feet.  To me, that’s like saying you don’t like skin or eyes.  But I understand it because so many people don’t bother to take care of their feet and they can be damn gross.  Care or not, everyone seems to put them on display as soon as the warm weather arrives. …

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My First Golf Trophy!

OK so it’s not the kind of trophy anyone aspires to win!  Laura Connolly from our sales team organized the first annual Free-FM Mini-Golf tournament out at Tin Cup on Windermere at Adelaide.  We met on Friday afternoon, split into foursomes and took on the 18-hole courses.  There are two complete with windmills, sand traps …

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Happy Mom’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom Helen and to all Moms, too.  Please don’t forget Stepmoms (me!) and Foster Moms.  Here’s to the Moms of the future, too.


Bye-bye Michael Rafferty.  Although your name will now be synonymous with killing a child at least we won’t have to look at your smug face every day.  

Losing Pinterest

Oh boy.  People keep finding and following me on Pinterest and I’m afraid I’m going to be a big disappointment.

Do You Hear What I Hear

Have you ever noticed that when a TV show goes to commercial you nearly get blasted out of the room by the change in volume? Well the CRTC is going to do something worthwhile for a change and make TV companies maintain an even level of volume.  

Denying Responsibility

This is rich.  A former Bank of Montreal manager claims he was wrongfully fired.  They let him go because he was having sex with a female employee during work hours but he says firing him was unfair.

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