The Worst Job in Canada

Not to make too light of a very tragic situation, but wouldn’t it be the worst job if you were the person who had to watch for the exit of a swallowed memory card?  

The card was consumed by a hang gliding pilot in B-C after the death of one of his clients.  The 27-year-old woman was harnessed to him for a glide which was an anniversary gift from her boyfriend, who was also going to do a glide that day.  As he watched in horror, she slipped from her harness and tried desperately to hang onto the pilot before falling 300 metres to her death.  Witnesses said the pilot tried to hold onto her and that when she fell, his shoes went with her.

But when they got on the ground and authorities began to question what happened the pilot swallowed the memory card which apparently contains footage of the woman’s glide. He was charged with obstruction of justice, Xrayed (the card was seen inside him) and then they simply…waited.  As I write this it’s not yet known if there is incriminating evidence on the memory card or even if it’s intact.  But experts had predicted the memory chip inside the plastic case would survive the ordeal just fine.

Meantime, all I could think about – besides the fact that the pilot is a complete douche-nozzle who was more concerned about himself than the fact that a woman lost her life – was the poor sap who had to keep an eye on, um, things, and retrieve the memory card.  The worst day on my worst job ever was never as bad as that.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Job in Canada”

  1. Many a dog owner can relate to this experience after their furry friend has decided to devour something they shouldn’t have. Rings are very common.

  2. My mother could have testified to this because when I was about 1 or so, I managed to unhook & swallow a small gold cross with chain. It was retrieved undamaged. But I never got to wear a necklace again until I was many years older. Thanks Mom!

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