Month: September 2012

True Love

After 14 years together Derek’s cousin Kim, whom we adore, and her wonderful partner Jeff, tied the knot. 

Yes, And…

It’s the first rule of improv and the key to performing with another person.  Whatever they do, wherever they go, say “yes, and” not “no, but”.  

Ms. Fix-It

Having just recently repaired small holes in a wall and rolled on a fresh coat of paint I was amused by a list I found of everyday items you can substitute for specialty products, like wall filler. 

My Best Clients

Often times people wonder what Lisa Brandt Creative Services does.  I made the name deliberately vague so it could encompass a variety of things.

A Mouse in the House

We had to leave the bathroom window open during the recent resurfacing job. The technician removed the screen and we just left it like that overnight. I had a fleeting thought that a bird could fly right in but dismissed it as silly. 

The Naked Word

An update on the media coverage of my ebook The Naked Truth.  I’ve been on radio in cities across the country and Friday was a very big day. 

She’s Gotta Have It

You have to wonder why some products don’t make it over the border.  Last night we met our friend Eddie for dinner in Port Huron – Ed lives in Detroit – and that meant a trip to Target to pick up the laundry potion upon which I’ve come to rely. 

Bias Dismissed

This is a blog posting I published at and this week under my banner of Morning News Anchor.  It just offers a little peek into something that can go on behind the scenes.  

Full Service

Yesterday I tweeted about the kid at the gas station who filled up my tank.  He was chatty and it turns out that he is a fan of Free-FM. No one disputed that – our station is terrific – but there was some humour regarding the full service gas station. 

Miracle Method Part III

So I’ve shown you the before and the midway point in our main bathroom makeover by Miracle Method.  Today we see the finished product. 

Miracle Method Part II

Yesterday I showed you the “before” from our main floor bathroom.  Today, the project begins.  Scott from Miracle Method was hard at work when we got home around noon on Thursday.  They need two consecutive half-days in order to do the work.  We had Thursday morning and Friday afternoon, when we would conveniently be on …

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Miracle Method Part I

This is the story of our bathroom makeover. We considered everything from ripping out the countertop, tub and surround to Bath Fitter to what-have-you in order to deal with the ugly and worn-out state of the home’s original, main-floor bathroom. The cultured marble counter was still in good shape but it was wearing away around …

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A Real Treasure

Lots of guys collect gas station memorabilia and for the one in this house, it’s Supertest, a company born in London and no longer in existence. 

Only Once A Year

London’s annual Western Fair is on.  It’s a 10-day extravaganza much like the CNE but appropriately sized for this area. For us, it’s huge.  And every year they offer a different deep-fried delight and Derek and I believe it is our duty to try it.