The Foot of the Matter

Women have been facing the conundrum of fabulous footwear versus comfort for too long.  When pal Jenn and I were in TJ Maxx in Port Huron a few weeks back, every shoe we picked up and declared beautiful never found its way to our feet.  They were too pretty to feel good.  Women know you have to sacrifice one for the other.  Until now.   

I ordered these shoes from a catalogue (I will tell you where, just not yet) and frankly, I was a little worried when they arrived because the heel was higher than I expected.  I am past the age where teetering is worth the trouble.  But I’ve wanted a pair of shiny patent shoes for a long time.

ad for the cushion walk pump shows the cushioning inside the shoe, the flexibility of the heel and a side view of a black, fake-croc high-heeled shoe

But the shoe feels very stable, probably because it has a generous pad inside the shoe and a bit of a flexible platform under the toe.

And it’s comfortable! Imagine that.  They promise it will be the most comfortable pump you’ve worn.  Well, so far so good for me.  So where did it come from?

Bing bong – Avon calling!  Seriously.  And they were less than $40 with tax.  Crazy, right?  And they look great.  Go girlfriends.

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  1. Lisa,
    I have gotten such a great response over these shoes. My customers LOVE them!!!!! If anyone is looking for a pair or any other Avon products please email or call Ani
    (519)868-9114 or

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