Not Exactly April Fresh

Experts are now saying our attempt to use less hot water means bacteria are clinging to the inside of our washing machines and our clothes. Researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson say fully 25% of bacteria that come in to the laundry on your underwear survive the suds and cycles of the washing machine.

The problem is that we’re using cold water for washing these days and we don’t use bleach like they used to in days of yore.  So we’re rubbing on hand sanitizer like crazy but leaving bacteria on our clothes.  Apparently the solution is to do a hot-water wash once in a while.  Done!

1 thought on “Not Exactly April Fresh”

  1. Interesting, I’ve been using cold water for washing clothes as with many Canadians for years. But for some reason, and I have no idea why, I started periodically using hot water when doing my clothes most frequently under garments. A little birdy told me so, and I decided to follow its advice and it would appear that I was right.

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