Border Jumpers

Last weekend on one of my infrequent trips to Port Huron I once again purchased only items not allowed to cross the border into the Great White North.  

I marveled at the stunning array of foods that we don’t have here.  Remember Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Stars? I vividly recall as a kid eating them for lunch on a cold winter’s day.  No longer available here.  I bought a couple of cans.  Weight Watchers products by the dozens are for sale a mere 5 miles from where they are not for sale!  Shredded low-fat cheese, treats and goodies all sold under the WW banner upon which my eyes have not previously fallen.

Another ubiquitous manufacturer: Skinny Cow, has a long list of products I’ve never seen before.  I love their frozen treats. They’re sinfully delicious and all around 100 calories per bar, cone or sandwich.  They also make chocolate clusters and 100-calorie treat bars I have only found in Target.  But this week I made a wonderful discovery in the Superstore and perhaps it’s because Target will be opening its London stores soon: Skinny Cow treats at Canadian prices in a Canadian store.  How unusual!

torn wrapper of a package labelled Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters, new, 120 calories per pack!

I have to think that Target’s going to open up the border to some items not previously seen here.  And I can only hope that it will include more of these delicious treats and my beloved Downy Wrinkle Releaser.   It makes no sense that the elixir of laundry is unavailable to Canadians on their own wrinkled turf!

2 thoughts on “Border Jumpers”

  1. Jackie Gregorash

    Hi Lisa
    Downy Wrinkle release is available on on-line from for $3.99. is a Canadian company located in Guelph. I have used them several times for hard to find items. Delivery is great (2-3 days) and usually no shipping charges.

    1. WOW! I searched and came up empty. That’s amazing. Thank you! If Target here doesn’t carry it I have a back-up. Much appreciated Jackie.

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