Month: April 2013

“No Show” Jones

It would be very easy for someone who didn’t experience the peak of country singer George Jones’s career to dismiss him as some old fart who sang twang.  

Brandt’s Randt – Anonymous Online Cowards!

I was targeted by someone on Twitter this week who called me a racist and one of the “sheeple”.  He’s one of those guys who disbelieves everything he hears, including whether the two brothers from Chechnya had anything to do with the Boston bombings, and he inspired this week’s randt. 

Old Time Tune

I’ve always wanted one or two wax cylinders.  They’re what music was recorded on before records and I’m sure that in their day, people thought they were the be all and end all of audio technology. 

Spotting Mistakes

I often write about errors in news writing and believe me, I could post a new story about them every day but I try to pace myself. 

Generation Gap

We went to a nostalgia show last weekend in Komoka.  We love those things. Old people poking around old stuff owned by other old people.  I only bought one thing. 

Brandt’s Randt – Whether the Weather!

If a mistake is made I don’t shy away from responsibility. But I’m tired of taking heat (or cold!) over the weather forecast, which we outsource.  Ergo this week’s Randt. 

How We Get It Wrong

Nearly every news organization in North America, and likely several overseas, tweeted and emailed the news yesterday: A suspect is in custody in the Boston Marathon bombings. 

Revising Plans

When I published The Naked Truth last October I said it would be an ebook only. 

Terror in Boston

It’s impossible to imagine the terror of runners, those waiting for them to finish the Boston Marathon and anyone in the vicinity of the explosions yesterday.  As I write this authorities don’t know who set off the blasts that killed 3 people and injured dozens more. 

House Proud – Anything Goes Underfoot, Sun Media, April 12 & 14

I let out a squeal of joy when hubby announced that his annual early-spring project would be replacing the tired living-room carpet with laminate. In my typical approach, I set out to view virtually every type of flooring available to mankind and along the way I discovered some unusual and funky designs that weren’t right …

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The Piano Man Builds The Boss a Bike

How cool is this? I’ve followed Billy Joel’s motorcycle obsession over the years.  He had dozens of bikes and auctioned off many of them only to collect again and then open a custom bike shop on Long Island.

Brandt’s Randt – Playing Chicken with a Train

We mostly see them on foot out our Free-FM window but further down the track there are drivers who try to race the train.  They’re morons and I take aim at them in this edition of Brandt’s Randt. 

What’s Sexy?

I seem to have started a rather interesting discussion on and off social media with the following tweet: I don’t get the whole Ryan Gosling thing. To my mind, Louis CK  is far sexier. Mull that one for a while, kiddies! 

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