Month: June 2013

Why Thank You Very Much

It’s time again for the “best of spam”!  These are the cream of the crop of crap that attempt to sneak in past my approval process.  And they make me laugh!

Brandt’s Randt – A Warning for the Long Weekend

We don’t talk about them but we get news releases every day, sometimes dozens, about drunk drivers. OPP, local police, regional police – they all nab drunks on the road every day despite the perception that it’s a situation that’s under control. And it makes me want to Randt!  

Queer is Back

This is Pride Month. It’s going to be a history-making Pride parade in Toronto on Sunday when Kathleen Wynne becomes the first sitting Premier to march.

Dad Jeans

Much fun has been made of so-called Mom jeans. You know the type: they sit higher on the waist than is fashionable and offer a generous amount of room in the seat. They may or may not have an elastic waist. No one you or I know wears Mom jeans but they do exist on …

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The Wedding of The Year!

The only daughter of our very dear friends got married on the weekend. This event has been long in the planning and heavy in anticipation. And it was a very special, wonderful day.   

My New ‘Do

For about 8 months I’ve been trying to get together with my friend Corinne, a buddy since high school, so she can cut my hair for my second half-century of life. 

Cat Tales

I’ve slowed the ant invasion to a trickle. It hasn’t been easy. It involved a lot of poisonous bait inside and out and a few completely futile attempts at finding the colony. But the occasional industrious critter is still coming in so a pest control company will spray the entire house, inside and out, on …

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Y’Ever Notice…?

We stayed at a Comfort Inn last weekend and we usually have a next-to-ideal experience for the dollar. It’s no Ritz but it’s clean, comfortable and in Newmarket’s case, freshly renovated. But there’s a trend I’ve noticed in these mid-range hotels and consider me unimpressed.  

Toes for a Cause

I’ve never painted my nails blue before. I don’t tend to colour my fingernails so my toes will have to suffice. And this is no ordinary shade of blue. 

Sharonstock Shut Down

The annual family get-together known as Sharonstock received its annual visit from York Regional Police but this time they used some muscle on the party.  

Brandt’s Randt – Michael Rafferty’s Continued Victimization

Sometimes my weekly Brandt’s Randt on 98.1 Free-FM is more tongue-in-cheek than serious.  “Oh, someone touched me in line at the grocery store! WAH!”  But today I’m deadly serious. We know as a society what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s going on with child-killer Michael Rafferty right now is just wrong.  

Tommy at Stratford

It’s amusing to think that most of the performers in the Stratford Festival’s production of Tommy weren’t born when the double-album first came out in 1969.  But that has no bearing on the show. It’s stellar and it surpasses any attempt at staging Pete Townshend’s rock opera I’ve seen before – and there have been …

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