Month: July 2013

Goal Achieved!

I’m so proud of my colleagues at Free-FM for the way we handled our night at the 10th annual Rock the Park. We came, we saw, we rocked and I did get to do the one thing I wanted most – meet Tommy Shaw. But it was only because of sheer luck. The band did …

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RTP #10

I’m giddy at the thought of tonight. I’ve been very lucky to be able to meet so many of the musical heroes of my youth.  And one of them is coming to London to perform at the 10th annual Rock the Park and because Free-FM is presenting tonight’s entertainment, there’s a very good chance I’ll …

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Review: The Fridgularity by Mark Rayner

I’m really torn about this review.  They say film critics are failed film students.  Well I wouldn’t call myself failed but I do know how hard it is to write fiction. 

What A Little Girl Understands

Real-life heroes and heroines don’t come along very often.  5-year-old Jayden Sink of Topeka, Kansas is one of mine.  Here’s why:

Our Houseguest

Everyone, meet Darby. Darby, everyone.  Darby is Spice’s cousin! She’s the fur-baby of a brother and sister-in-law on hubby’s side.  

Eavesdropping on my Life

Saturday’s balloon ride required us to get up around 4:30 am so we could make it to the other end of the city for 5:30 am.  This wasn’t too far from our regular weekday routine except that we couldn’t have much coffee because we didn’t want to go up with full bladders.  By the time …

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Previous Woman’s Day

Slowly we’re clearing away some forgotten stuff from the basement. There has been talk of shelf building and that sort of thing. Looking around under the stairs the other day I found a handful of magazines. Some are comics (worthless, I checked) and one is a Woman’s Day from March 11, 1980.  

Up Up and Away

So the sixth time was the charm! After five cancellations because of weather, my milestone birthday gift got off the ground on Saturday morning.

Brandt’s Randt – Harmless Play

A Windsor man was treated pretty poorly last weekend.  All he wanted to do was see some really cool Lego buildings and things and he was unfairly profiled!