An Icky Sign of Wellness

On Monday morning at 3:20 am I stumbled out of bed and into the hallway. Then I immediately returned because something on the floor caught my eye.   

I wasn’t fully awake and so I leaned down and picked up what looked like the biggest hairball I’d ever seen.  I took it into the kitchen to examine it in the light and noticed that it had teeth.  And a tail.  Yes our little toothless tiger had delivered a deceased mouse as a trophy at the entrance to our bedroom.  Why thank you, Spice.

On the upside, he’s obviously feeling fine.  On the downside, this is the second dead mouse he has brought us in the past couple of months.  He’s an indoor cat only so somehow we have a very slow trickle of the critters getting in.  But both times Spice has taken care of the invasion, despite not having front claws and now, very few teeth.  At first we suspected this rodent was partially digested because he was so, well, flat.  But now, for reasons too disgusting to list here, we’re pretty sure he was merely discovered or rediscovered. Perhaps Spice was the author of this critter’s demise but got distracted by a canopener and left the job and forgot about it.  We will never know!

As of last night, the world’s greatest geriatric mouser was posted in front of the downstairs fridge. We can only assume another invader is lodged behind it.  As for this week’s carcass, I’m grateful that he didn’t bring it into our bed.  I’m thankful that he’s a mouser and I don’t have to be.  I’m thrilled that less than a week after major oral surgery, he’s back to his old self and then some.  And I never, ever want to start my day like that again!

6 thoughts on “An Icky Sign of Wellness”

  1. It could have been worse. You could have discovered your small package with your bare feet, as I would have after stepping on it. Maybe its time to pull out the fridge and set some traps.

  2. Ew Lisa, that is so gross! Spice has sure earned the price of his surgery in my books.

  3. Gloria Bryant

    When I picked it up, I discovered HALF a deceased critter inside my boot-type slippers once. Since i had worn them the evening before, I knew its demise was recent. With multiple cats, I never found out which was the giver, BUT I always checked before putting my feet into slippers and shoes ever since.

  4. UGH! Good tip! Hubby still can’t believe that I picked it up with my bare hands and walked it to him so casually!! Well, it was pretty early and I wasn’t fully awake. I had a queasy stomach all morning at the memory of it.

  5. Since we can’t spell SPICE without CSI…I wonder if the little critter was flat cause Spice had to bat it to death with his clawless paws? Hmmm…cue The Who and we’ll be back shortly with the rest of this episode! (No animals were harmed during the making of this program….ahem.)

  6. Heee! CSI: Special Kittens Unit! He is still on guard…5:45 pm…this weekend Derek will be looking for tiny holes to the outside. Have I mentioned that this fridge is in the laundry room and just outside my recording studio? Where I spend a lot of time?!!

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