The Pledge to End Bullying

Next week is Bullying Awareness Week and to prepare, all of the radio morning shows in the city took the Pledge Against Bullying a couple of weeks ago.  The promos are now running on CTV here. 

I was bullied, you may have been bullied, perhaps it’s still going on. It’s not just a schoolyard thing. It happens in workplaces all of the time. In fact, looking back, I wish I had had the stones to walk away and not endure it at various radio stations. But oh well, hindsight is 20/20 and all of that.  Here is the promo that includes the pledge that was started in London and has spread to other parts of the country. We said it and we meant it.


“I believe that everybody has the right to live in a community where they feel safe, included, valued and accepted, regardless of differences. I pledge to be respectful of others and stand up against bullying whenever and wherever I see it.”


2 thoughts on “The Pledge to End Bullying”

  1. Just in time for CBC’s the fifth estate piece tonight on Amanda Todd.

    I’m thankful that I graduated from high school when social media was still in its infant stages. I was bullied too in school, but it was never very bad. I can’t imagine how hard it is for kids who are victims of cyberbullying today. Anything that can be done to help them should be done.

    1. I agree Mark. A certain kid enjoyed beating the crap out of me but he didn’t ruin me in the spotlight of the world wide web. Everything negative feels permanent and overwhelming when you’re a kid. I can’t imagine how bad cyberbullying feels.

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