Winter’s Presence

Yeah it’s winter. Yeah we get snow. But a foot and a half in a day?? That’s what my city got over the weekend. 

There were a few little streamers of snow through the day on Saturday. One minute it was sunny and the next, visibility of about two car lengths. But it really started coming in Saturday night.

We went to see the London Knights play downtown and endured the bitterest, coldest wind I can remember on the walk from the parking lot to Bud Gardens. Snow grains, not flakes, pelted us.  Even properly dressed it was an uncomfortable dash to the warmth of the venue.

In the second intermission we ventured to a lounge for a snack put out for season ticket-holders in our section. (We were guests of a friend for the evening.) Instead of chowing down I chose to look out over my city and delight at how beautiful it looked in the falling snow.  The wind was still biting and relentless. The snow was still coming down on an angle.  But my perspective had certainly changed.

a view of a downtown street with a red-lit bar that used to be a bank on the left and the city's Covent Garden Market to the right, with huge windows and twinkling lights

It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it?

My delight in the view didn’t make the trot back to the truck any warmer but it reminded me that I’m lucky to live here.


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Presence”

  1. You raise great points about perspective. I find myself fantasizing about that day when I spend summer months up near Jackson’s Point and winter months….WHERE? What country – even with 30C every day – offers the myriad gifts we enjoy in this bountiful land of ours? I wish I knew. When I find it, I sure hope you and Derek will come visit! xo

    1. Absolutely!! I loathe winter so much that I put extra effort into trying to find its positive attributes. Let’s see. Um… I don’t have to cut the lawn. And… we’re done! 😉

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