Brandt’s Randt: Stupid Dumb Idiotic Policy

I just can’t believe that someone in charge of the welfare of children was dumb enough to think that an asthmatic child’s inhaler should be put under lock and key.  But that’s what happened last year at a Staffordville school and a student paid for it with his life.  So I randt. 


3 thoughts on “Brandt’s Randt: Stupid Dumb Idiotic Policy”

  1. Sadly and unfortunately, those at the Staffordville school didn’t and don’t understand the law. No matter the policy, the duty to accommodate the child’s disability as governed under the Human Rights Code, had legal precedence over the schools policy and the child had every right to carry and possess their life saving inhaler. Legislation can’t address idiots! Only those with common sense.

  2. My eldest son has asthma. When I found out the office wouldn’t let him carry his puffer I dutifully said ‘ok’ and put it in his backpack anyway. He has been carrying it around for many years now. School staff knows but have never challenged me about it. Come on. There’s rules and then there’s rules. This one is meant to be broken.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Dara. Ryan’s Mom said his inhaler was confiscated several times and always locked up. I don’t understand how so many adults got lulled into believing the puffer could easily be accessed in a time of crisis, not knowing whether a person with a key would be readily available. When it comes to a child’s health and safety, parents have to absolutely do what needs to be done, especially when something this dumb is the rule.

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