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Yeah, you remember what I said about Duck Dynasty? I take it all back. 

I still think the show is surprisingly entertaining and refreshing but I’m not going to watch it again. Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, said some pretty vile things this week about homosexuals and African-Americans and I just can’t support his views in any way.  I wasn’t naive enough to think a fundamentalist, backwoods Christian would have anything but his own literal interpretation of The Bible but to actually spew that kind of hate from his heart is what turns my stomach.

And then Sarah Palin and these other far-right, intolerant nutjobs are all coming out and supporting his right to “free speech”.  He is entitled to his own opinion but once he puts it out there it can be construed as spreading hatred.  And A & E is entitled to deem opinions on these matters backwards and intolerant. A & E has suspended Robinson from Duck Dynasty indefinitely because of the GQ interview and now he says he might quit.  Whatever.  I won’t be watching.

A show I am watching despite hating it, is How I Met Your Mother. We had a conversation about it at work and 3 generations of us agreed the show has become garbage – but having stayed with it through the good seasons, about up to season five, we feel compelled to find out how Ted finally meets “your mother”.  She has been revealed. But they are dragging out this entire season as the few days before Barney and Robin’s wedding. They did one entire episode in rhyme.  I’m not kidding. I stifled a continuous scream for the full 30 minutes.  It’s awful. But we’re all slogging through it to see how it ends.

On the other hand, a show we’ve watched for years suddenly has new life.  The point of The Mentalist has been for reformed psychic Patrick Jane to track down the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter. He did that and there were concerns that the show would wither without its special purpose.  But it actually has new excitement with the addition of some characters and everyone in different jobs because of the mass corruption unearthed in the police force through the discovery of the killer. There has been talk of ending the show after this season but I think they could wring another one or two out of it now.  Maybe it could go in the timeslot currently occupied by How I Met Your Mother.



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