Old Tyme Radio

Derek had the shell of an old radio. We have a couple of intact ones upstairs but this one was in no shape for a prominent display area. It was missing chunks of veneer, the speaker cloth – not to mention a speaker – and a piece of one corner of the footing was broken off in a jagged mess. 

But it did have the glass dial, the knobs and the tubes inside. So I decided I’d take it on.

old cabinet radio that looks better than it really is

This looks better than it actually was, trust me. It has little value as an antique unless someone wants the tubes, which I preserved.

Derek patched the missing wood and I got to work. The veneer on the front shined up nicely with some proper oil and I ordered push buttons online. It would have been easy to paint it brown and be done with it but I decided to use a shade of my favourite Van Gogh chalk paint called Patina, age it with dark wax, and make it pop a little.  I attached some fabric where the speaker would have been and once the buttons arrive, it will be an interesting table when we get our theme room arranged downstairs.

radio with light green/dark brown sides and a shiny brown top

And now…I hunt for my next project!

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    1. No it’s not. The man cave already exists! This will be a place to put our kitschy and funky decor and furniture.

  1. LOVE it! And I love how you fulfill that side of your personality, too – you have such good life balance!

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